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Friday, November 25, 2005

This turkey's almost done...

It's so hard to believe that I'm taking my 32 week belly pictures. (The husband made the comment "ARE WE GOING TO HAVE TO DO THIS EVERYMONTH??" while I was forcing him to take my picture). Every time I look at my belly I think "WHOA! Where did YOU come from?!?". At my 32 weeks appointment, I had gained almost 20 pounds. The doctor was able to tell me what position she was in - which shed light on some things. I thought before she must've been kicking and punching b/c of the position of her movement but now I realize that it was her two spread apart feet that I was feeling. And based on the size of her parents' feet, NO WONDER she packs such a punch.

Things I have experienced so far in pregnancy:
Mild nausea
MAJOR heartburn
A firing nerve
A dislocating rib
MAJOR Swelling (my right ankle is now referred to as a "kankle"
Insomnia/ Headaches/ backache

Things I have yet to experience so far (knocking on wood as I type this):
An ultrasound with a full-bladder
Stretch marks
Gestational Diabetes
UTI (don't ask me how since I have these every month when I'm NOT pregnant)

I am so behind on my Christmas shopping. I am usually one to be done by June but this year life has been all baby/ puppy for several months. This morning the hubby got up long before the crack of dawn to head to Best Buy for the Early Bird Specials. In spite of him being in line by 3 am, he missed out on the computer and camcorder we were hoping for. He did get our seconds choices on both, though, so I'm anxious to get our DSL hooked up so we can finally join the rest of the world by having a computer at home. Maybe then I can keep up with my much missed blogging buddies.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I was so worried that it would be miserable without Bumpa but I think having it at a new place helped. I also had myself worried sick over Manny being alone and cold in the car. Silly, I know... but it was Thanksgiving and all... and he would be all alone for a long time. As soon as we arrived, much to my UTTER delight, Shawn's aunt insisted that the puppy was allowed inside, too. So instead of having to worry about him all day and keep going outside to turn on the car to keep him warm, he happily played with the other puppies and enjoyed the warmth and yumminess that I did on Thanksgiving. Just one more thing to be thankful for this year...

Monday, November 21, 2005


A friend of mine once said that having "warm feet" was feeling loved and happy. Well Friday thanks to Bek and Ang I had toasty warm feet. I came home from work on Friday night exhausted and waiting for my two nieces to show up to spend the night. I'm one of those people who hates to have a million things to do on the weekends and last weekend was chalk full. I was dreading it and down in the dumps. As I pulled into the garage there was a big package waiting for me and I couldn't get Manny and I out of the car fast enough to see what it was. The return address showed that it was from Angela and I was very excited to open it. Inside was the most sweet and thoughtful gifts - SO MANY OF THEM - from Bek and Ang. Most of the gifts had adorable notes on them telling why they had chosen that gift. I was smiling the whole time. They enclosed a gift receipt - which certainly wasn't necessary since how I wouldn't think of returning any of their thoughtful gifts!! Rylee will hear about each one when she is old enough and know that there are really caring, generous and truly thoughtful people in the world. There was even a copy of "The Little Red Hen" because I said it was one of my childhood favorites! I hadn't even known it was made in a board book and I was so excited to read it again after all this time! Even though "Thank You" doesn't seem like enough... THANK YOU BEK AND ANG FOR MAKING MY NIGHT - AND MY WEEKEND! Rylee will love all of her great gifts!! :) You're the best!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


I'm a bargain shopper. I buy name brand - but I never pay full price. I'm incapable of buying anything that isn't a great deal. Today Michelle found this article. It takes you to a site that shows you the "secret" early bird specials for the morning after Thanksgiving. Another place to get a great deal right now is LLBean's sale website. Right now there is FREE SHIPPING and no minimum!! I ordered an insulated lunch pack (for travel w/ Rylee's baby food) a few weeks ago and paid just the price of the pack plus tax - no shipping. The whole thing was $7.30.

I want to send a big thank you to everyone who sent cards, e-cards and warm wishes over the last 2 weeks. I really appreciate everyone's concern. You are all so sweet! I am finally beginning to feel better physically - which is doing wonders for my mental state! Another thing that's doing wonders - coming to the end of the long list of things we needed to buy for our little bundle of joy. As of this morning, all I needed to buy was 4 things: A baby gate, a high chair, a Baby Bjorn XL and a Jumperoo. I ordered a Baby Bjorn on ebay about an hour ago and Amy is lending me her high chair. Just two items to go! Anxious to get to the store to pick up those last two!

Kristen commented on how she had to take a long, hot shower when she was pregnant to get some relief for her black plague. Apparently Derek had some issues with how that may have affected their unborn E. After laughing out loud, I thought back to a conversation with Shawn after I got my prescription codeine last week (keep in mind that even when not pregnant i usually NEVER take cold medicine - I tough it out):
Me: (Holding the spoon of syrup) Ugh. I'm dreading this.
Him: What?
Him: Why... Because you're killing our unborn child??
Yeah, I feel your pain, Kristen. ;)

Dropping Manny off this morning wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. Probably because he pooped on the floor just before we left. The vet took some time to ease my many new-puppy-mom fears and even said he might be able to come home tonight. Poor little Manny is going to come home a Mannette. And he has really been trying hard to "be a man" lately. He has even started peeing with his leg up, even though he always falls over. :) It's too cute to watch. He glances over at me to see if I noticed. I always pretend that I didn't. ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dear God,

Bumpa & Shawn
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You and I did not seem to agree that this was his time to go. But since you have more say than I, I just ask that you take good care of him while he's there. Life here on earth isn't the same without him so if it's not too much to ask, please make sure you send him back if you get bored with him. Sincerely, Jaime on earth

So I'm slowly easing out from under my black cloud. As if losing Bumpa wasn't bad enough - just throw in 12 days of the black plague and you've got my life. To say I've got a cold is like saying the hurricane was rain. My OB prescribed me some narcotics a week ago today and they haven't dented my misery. Symptoms? You name it - I've got it. So basically Jaime's house of hormones has been full of nothing good lately. To top it off, tomorrow is Manny's (overnight) butchering - and I am stuck taking him. Oh yes, it's basketball season - which means that I'm once again a widow to a man spending his evenings on a basketball court and his nights having slumber parties. It's just so much more convenient to the basketball schedule to stay overnight. *everynight*

On the baby front, the nursery is done - the clothes are washed - the bottles are sterilized (etc, etc) and we are ready for Rylee! She could come home tomorrow and we'd be completely prepared (Providing she is, in fact, a she). It was hours and hours of work to get everything ready. And I had a good head start since her nursery's been done since I was 14. Now all we have to do is wait. 62 days, 10 hours, 27 minutes and 32 seconds to be exact.

Monday, November 07, 2005

For Jaime....

Hi everyone. This is Jaime's friend, Amy. Jaime's beloved Bumpa died on Saturday after a very long illness. I haven't personally spoken to her since it happened over the weekend but I know how much you all care about her and I was positive you'd want to get in touch with her. FOr those of you that don't know her email address, email me at amy AT redsoxbatgirl DOT com and I will personally send her your well wishes. His spirit will live on in Jaime's baby, I am sure of it. We love you Jaime!!!!