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Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy half year birthday, Rylee Ry!

Can you believe this? This picture kills me. Like I might actually DIE if I keep looking at it. It's my new favorite picture of Rylee. I absolutely LOVE it. She is such a little ham. I could eat her with a spoon. She is growing up SOOOO fast - she doesn't look OR act like a 6 month old. But she is. Already...

Dear Rylee,
Sometimes I wonder how I ever knew what happiness was before you were born. You are so wonderful and add so much to our lives. My every thought revolves around you.
You are SUCH a busy girl. I always wonder if babies can have ADD when I am with you. You always want to be playing with ten things at once and if you aren't, you are bored. You are such a happy baby and usually only get upset when you're tired, hungry or bored. You LOVE to swim and we take you as often as we can. Last weekend you went swimming at your grammie's and in spite of the fact that it was your first time in a non-heated pool, you loved it.
You have FINALLY started taking a bottle! After a 3 week hunger strike you finally gave in. I'm trying to ween you off breast milk now and last week you were eating a 50% formula/ 50% breastmilk mix. Mama is SOOOO relieved that you are finally taking a bottle.
Lately you have been going through a phase where you are up ALL NIGHT. (Not to scare your Auntie Tonya who is graciously keeping you overnight soon!) Much like when you were 4 months old you get up atleast 6 times a night. You usually go to bed around 10 pm. You still want to sleep on your side with your head turned all the way to the side. I wish we dared to keep you in bed with us because you sleep so great when you are tucked in next to me.
You are ALL OVER THE PLACE! When we put you under your play gym you are across the room in minutes. You don't mind being on your belly anymore and are getting very strong. You stand all the time when we hold your hands.
You are doing well in daycare - probably because you are such a social butterfly. Jen took a week off a couple of weeks ago so you shared your time between meme, Auntie Darcy and Auntie Michelle.
You still cry when you are tired and you usually can't fall asleep without crying first. You still love to nurse and always want the comfort of it when you are tired.
You laugh and smile ALL THE TIME. You have such a beaming, contagious smile and an adorable silly laugh. You love Manny and smile and laugh at him all the time. Whenever he comes near you, you grab his fur and YANK! He is your own personal teddy bear - and your favorite one at that.
Speaking of favorites - your favorite things right now are when we tell you that you have stinky piggies, peek-a-boo, wheels on the bus and your Baby Einstein play gym. You've lost interest in your Jumperoo and only want to be in there for a few minutes. And your Bumbo - FORGET IT!
You now have 2 teeth! Your adorable smile shows them off all the time. Everyone is always commenting on your red hair and new teeth. You were really fussy the two days prior to them breaking through but were fine once they finally did.
You have decided you don't like carrots afterall. You also don't like sweet potato. You like peas and green beans. You want to eat everything that we are eating and think it's so fun to drink out of our glasses. You also like to drink out of your sippy cup even though you prefer to spill it all over your shirt.
You are very quirky. You always want your thumb in your mouth but it HAS to be covered in your clothing, burp cloth or blanket. You'll wrap that little thumb around the chest area of your shirt (or mine if i'm holding you) and suck until it's soaked.
You still love your baths. We give you one every other day. For a while you weren't spitting up quite as much but lately you have been at it again.
Once you get talking, you talk up a storm! Right now you are laying next to me chatting away with your father (who is trying to get you to say "dada"). You say mama or mum all the time although your father swears it's just mumble. Whenever anyone talks to you (or about you) you immediately stop what you're doing and turn to stare at them. You have great hand/eye coordination and want everything in your mouth. You can grab something and have it in your mouth in about 2 seconds flat.
You are such a little ham and get so much attention everywhere we go. You have a wonderful, perfect little personality and I cannot wait to pick you up each day when I get out of work. I am loving every second of raising you and wish I could be with you more during the week.
Rylee, you are growing too fast, baby girl. Your father and I love you so very much.
Love, mom

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 4th - I'm all grown up!

Hi everyone! Wondering what Rylee looks like these days? I'm such a slacker. Life with baby is SOOO busy. She's at SUCH a fun age - we are soaking up every minute. She's already got a tooth - on the bottom and she is just about ready to run. She hasn't crawled yet but I think if we didn't have hardwood and tile she would've by now. She's FINALLY taking a bottle so next step is transitioning to formula. Miss stubborn went 3 weeks without eating at Daycare. Now that it doesn't hurt to breastfeed, I actually enjoy it and I will definitely miss it. I love how it forces me to take a minute for just her and I love how she wraps her hand around my fingers and touches my face while she eats. Just another sweet thing that makes Rylee Rylee. There are tons of new pictures of her over on my Flickr. I'm getting used to my new job and finally learning the ropes. I'm so exhausted that it makes it tough. It is so so hard to get up two hours earlier than I used to. From the time I leave to the time I pick her up is 10 hours - 5 days a week. It's a long day away from her. She is getting better about sleeping - she usually gets up twice in the night... sometimes 3 times. She would still prefer to just sleep in the crook of my arm. She is more of a busy body than I have ever seen in my life. She is constantly scanning the room to find the next thing that she wants. She wants to be entertained every second of the day and already throws a tantrum if she is bored. She is one busy baby. And so is mama!!